Who We Are?

Our passion is to create & develop robotics solutions which make difference

Our Approach

We solve problems through our innovative FAT CAT approaches and focus attention where it's deserved.

Beginning of The Journey

Our interesting journey began from a simple observation. One day, Aditya Kank was at his client's reception waiting for the client to arrive. While he was sitting there he happened to peep outside the window and saw a person dangling over a rope trying to clean a highrise tower. He started wondering what if an automated robot can do this manual task. He immediately shared this idea with Ameya and both of them started working on it.

It was just an idea. The challenge was to get it into reality. The first hurdle was to explain what they wanted to build as both of them are non-engineers but an entrepreneur never stops looking at 100s of hurdles lying in their way. Ameya and Aditya are visionaries and they are on a mission of making India self-sufficient in robotics.

They founded Fat Cat Robotics in 2016 keeping above vision in their mind. Fat cat robotics plans to be in each and every category where robotics would make a difference: Be it commercial, industrial or military purpose. Fat cat robotics has recently launched their first product. A highrise cleaning robot.

Fat cat has its corporate office in Pune. Fat cat has technology partners in Nashik and Aurangabad. Our founders believe our value system defines who we are. Fat cat's core value is to build cost effective robots that are unmatched when compared with international players on quality and features.

Vision Statement

To represent India in
robotics on global platform.

Mission Statement

To be largest provider of highrise window cleaning robots in India by 2019.